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Official Episode Post [15 Apr 2006|12:24am]

General Episode Discussion:

The Dawn Patrol

Epsiode InfoCollapse )

Just like the normal episode thread on FF. Comment here if you want to talk about the episode in general not just S/S. But please, just because this community is for S/S, doesn't mean you can bash other characters/couples.
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FAQ and Introductions [15 Apr 2006|12:07am]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey everyone!

Okay, so I'm still trying to figure this all out, so it may take a little while but for now. Mernie set up this little place as a replacement until FF gets back up and running, so thanks so much to her for that. *hugs*

Here's an introduction form, I thought that might help introduce us to each other....

LJ Name:
FF Name:
Real Name:
Anything you might want to add:

LJ Name: ohmygawd_eww
FF Name: Less Than Perfect
Real Name: Holden
Anything you might want to add: I miss FF. *sigh*

1. Treat this place exactly as you would on FF.
2. Be respectful and don't bash/insult others.
3. One entry per topic please. Once an entry gets to a certain number of comments, I'll close it. For now I'll say 150 comments and a new one should be started.
4. And most importantly, have fun!

So if anyone has any questions, post them here. Introduce yourself if you want.

Hopefully FF will be up and running soon, but enjoy this until then!

- Holden.
Less Than Perfect.

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the breakfast club #01: because, we know he really didn't mean it. [14 Apr 2006|03:27pm]

Treat it like you would treat the BC threads on FF. And never mind the silly title,give me a better one and I'll change it.
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